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Dissertation Diploma Thesis Master Thesis Bachelor Thesis All types

Number Title
ECAP-2010-057 Konzeption eines wissenschaftspropaedeutischen Seminars zum Thema kosmische Strahlung Friedrich Meingast Diploma Thesis pdf - 5.7 MB
ECAP-2010-056 Untersuchung der TeV-Gammaspektren des schalenartigen Supernova-Ueberrests RX J1713.7-3946 mit H.E.S.S. Susanne Raab Bachelor Thesis Pdf - 3.5 MB
ECAP-2010-054 Anwendung Photonen-zaehlender Detektoren fuer die Gamma-Dosimetrie Jonas Hahn Bachelor Thesis -
ECAP-2010-053 Messungen zur medizinischen Roentgenbildgebung mittels Phasenkontrast Georg Pelzer Bachelor Thesis -
ECAP-2010-052 Konzeption eines Experiments zum Nachweis des doppelten Elektroneneinfang-Zerfalls mit dem bildgebenden Roentgendetektor Timepix in Simulation und Messung Ferdinand Lueck Diploma Thesis -
ECAP-2010-051 Spatially Resolved X-Ray Analysis and Modeling of the Non-Thermal Emission of the Pulsar Wind Nebula G0.9+0.1 Markus Holler Diploma Thesis - 2 MB
ECAP-2010-050 Methods to measure characteristics of mirror facets of Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes Anneli Schulz Diploma Thesis - 28 MB
ECAP-2010-049 An unbinned Fit of H.E.S.S. sources using the Log-Likelihood Method Kornelia Stycz Diploma Thesis - 3 MB
ECAP-2010-048 Studies of the Pulsar Wind Nebula Population observed with H.E.S.S. Michael Mayer Diploma Thesis - 15 MB
ECAP-2010-047 Development of a Software Framework for the ANTARES Acoustic Data and Simulations within the Framework Alexander Würstlein Diploma Thesis - 3 MB
ECAP-2010-046 Acoustic particle detection - Direction and source location reconstruction techniques Carsten Richardt Dissertation - 3 MB
ECAP-2010-045 Studies of cosmic-ray electrons with the H.E.S.S. experiment using an advanced reconstruction technique Stephanie Haeffner Diploma Thesis - 8 MB
ECAP-2010-044 Systematic studies of the H.E.S.S. camera calibration Arnim Balzer Diploma Thesis - 9 MB
ECAP-2010-043 A Detailed Study of the Pulsar Wind Nebula MSH 15-52 in X-rays and TeV Gamma-rays Fabian M. Schoeck Dissertation - 13 MB
ECAP-2010-042 Untersuchungen zum Tiefsee-Hintergrundrauschen am ANTARES-Standort Benedikt Bergmann Bachelor Thesis - 2 MB
ECAP-2010-041 Untersuchungen zum Tiefsee-Hintergrundrauschen am ANTARES-Standort Jochen Müller Bachelor Thesis - 2 MB
ECAP-2010-040 Messung der spektralen Quanteneffizienz von Photomultipliern Jonas Reubelt Bachelor Thesis - 2 MB
ECAP-2010-039 Untersuchungen zur Energiebestimmung von Myonen im Antares-Neutrinoteleskop Robert Karl Bachelor Thesis - 2 MB
ECAP-2010-038 Systematic studies, calibration, and software development for event reconstruction and data analysis using the ANTARES deep-sea neutrino telescope Felix Fehr Dissertation - 7 MB
ECAP-2010-037 Theoretical Modeling of Broad Emission Lines Thomas Dauser Diploma Thesis - 3 MB
ECAP-2010-036 High resolution VLBI observations of Centaurus A Cornelia Mueller Diploma Thesis - 11 MB
ECAP-2010-033 Untersuchungen zur Nachweiseffizienz und zeitlichen Stabilitaet der Datennahme des ANTARES Neutrino Teleskops Boris Bauermeister Diploma Thesis - 10 MB
ECAP-2010-032 Muon Energy Reconstruction for the Neutrino Telescope ANTARES using Neural Networks Jutta Schnabel Diploma Thesis - 7 MB
ECAP-2010-031 Ereignisklassifikation mit Hilfe von Neuronalen Netzen fuer das ANTARES-Neutrino Teleskop Klaus Geyer Diploma Thesis - 2 MB
ECAP-2010-030 Detector simulation studies for the KM3NeT neutrino telescope Thomas Seitz Diploma Thesis - 1 MB
ECAP-2010-029 Entwicklung und Analyse eines Hitselektionsalgorithmus fuer Niederenergieereignisse im ANTARES Neutrinoteleskop basierend auf einer Hough-Transformation Stefanie Wagner Diploma Thesis - 4 MB
ECAP-2010-026 The Evolution of the South Atlantic Anomaly Measured by RHESSI Natalie Hell Bachelor Thesis - Link
ECAP-2010-025 Akkretierende Neutronensterne - Zeitliche Entwicklung der Pulsperiode von 4U 1907+09 Bastian Falkner Bachelor Thesis - 4 MB
ECAP-2010-024 Swift observations of TANAMI sources Martina Mueller Bachelor Thesis - 4 MB
ECAP-2010-023 Broadband Variability of the Black Hole Candidate Cygnus X-1 Victoria Grinberg Diploma Thesis - Link
ECAP-2010-021 Phasenkontrast-Bildgebung mit photonenzaehlenden Detektoren Peter Bartl Dissertation -
ECAP-2010-020 Cyclotron resonant scattering features in the line forming region of highly magnetized neutron stars Fritz-Walter Schwarm Diploma Thesis - 5 MB
ECAP-2010-019 Swift Observations of TANAMI Counterparts Felicia Krauss Bachelor Thesis - 3 MB
ECAP-2010-015 Radio Observations of PKS 2155-304 with the 100-m Effelsberg radio telescope Tobias Beuchert Bachelor Thesis - 2.6 MB
ECAP-2010-014 Monte-Carlo-Simulationen medizinischer Bestrahlung mit hochenergetischen Photonen Sebastian Schemm Diploma Thesis -
ECAP-2010-013 Anwendung und Analyse von Korrelationsfiltermethoden im Rahmen des AMADEUS-Experiments Florian Schneider Diploma Thesis - 4 MB
ECAP-2010-012 Simulations and Experimental Studies on Novel Approaches for X-ray Tubes Anja Loehr Dissertation -
ECAP-2010-011 Untersuchungen zur Roentgen-Phasenkontrast-Bildgebung Thomas Weber Diploma Thesis -
ECAP-2010-008 A Thorough Look at the Photoionized Wind and Absorption Dips in the Cygnus X-1 / HDE 226868 X-ray Binary System Manfred Hanke et al. - Link
ECAP-2010-007 The column density towards LMC X-1 Manfred Hanke et al. - Link
ECAP-2010-006 The Nature of the Hyper-Runaway Candidate HIP60350 Andreas Irrgang et al. - Link
ECAP-2010-005 Spectroscopy of the Runaway B-Star HIP60350 Andreas Irrgang - Link
ECAP-2010-004 Entwicklung einer Simulation zur Roengten-Phasenkontrast-Bildgebung Andre Ritter Diploma Thesis -
ECAP-2010-003 Performance Studies for the KM3NeT Neutrino Telescope Claudio Kopper Dissertation - 6 MB
ECAP-2010-002 Simulation of Medical Irradiation and X-Ray Detector Signals Bjoern Kreisler Dissertation - 8 MB
ECAP-2010-001 Calibration of acoustic sensors for deep sea infrastructures and studies towards combined opto-acoustical modules Alexander Enzenhöfer Diploma Thesis - 11 MB

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