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ECAP-2017-008 Measuring the neutrino mass hierarchy with the future KM3NeT/ORCA detector Jannik Hofestädt Dissertation opus -
ECAP-2016-042 Observations of Be X-ray Binaries: Spin Period and Spectral Evolution Matthias Bissinger Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2016-036 Extreme Environments: From supermassive black holes to supernovae Felicia Krauss Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2016-029 Search for Dark Matter from the Earth with ANTARES Andreas Gleixner Dissertation -
ECAP-2016-028 Development of a New Reconstruction Algorithm for ANTARES Events and Application to a Search for Neutrino Point Sources Kathrin Roensch Dissertation opus4 -
ECAP-2016-002 Modellunabhängige Suche nach Neutrinoquellen mit dem ANTARES Neutrinoteleskop Stefan Geißelsöder Dissertation pdf - 177 MB
ECAP-2015-045 Analysis of low-mass and high-mass systems after the common-envelope phase Veronika Schaffenroth Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2015-017 Search for neutrinos from TANAMI observed AGN using Fermi lightcurves with ANTARES Kerstin Fehn Dissertation opus - 8.8MB
ECAP-2015-016 Measurements of the atmospheric muon rate with the ANTARES neutrino telescope Klaus Geyer Dissertation opus - 11MB
ECAP-2015-012 Development of new techniques for three dimensional tracking of charged particles for possible applications in the search for neutrinoless double beta decay Mykhaylo Filipenko Dissertation .pdf - 13MB
ECAP-2015-009 Search for cosmic neutrino emission from Milagro sources with ANTARES Stefanie Wagner Dissertation opus - 12MB
ECAP-2015-007 Evaluation of a novel energy resolving X-ray detector for radiation monitoring Ina Ritter Dissertation -
ECAP-2014-065 Relativistic Reflection around Black Holes: Theory and Observation Thomas Dauser Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2014-064 New Developments and Techniques in Radio to X-ray Observataions of AGN Christoph Grossberger Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2014-048 Search for a diffuse cosmic neutrino flux using shower events in the ANTARES neutrino telescope Florian Folger Dissertation opus -
ECAP-2014-045 Searches for High-Energy Neutrinos from Gamma-Ray Bursts with the Antares Neutrino Telescope Julia Schmid Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2014-039 High-Resolution Observatons of Active Galactic Nuclei in the Southern Hemisphere Cornelia Müller Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2014-030 Study of molecular clouds in the vicinity of supernova remnants as sources of very-high-energy gamma-ray emission Stephanie Häffner Dissertation Link -
ECAP-2014-019 Origin of runaway OB stars Andreas Irrgang Dissertation html -
ECAP-2014-013 Materialcharakterisierung mithilfe der Roentgen-Phasenkontrastbildgebung Florian Bayer Dissertation -
ECAP-2014-010 Cluster search for neutrinos from active galactic nuclei Ulf Fritsch Dissertation opus - 18MB
ECAP-2013-064 Investigations of the long term variability of black hole binaries Victoria Grinberg Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2013-063 Observations of the X-ray Pulsars XTE J1946+274, 4U 0115+634, and GX 304-1 Sebastian Müller Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2013-043 Systematic Studies of an On-Off-Analysis of H.E.S.S. data in Search for a Signal from the Dark Matter Halo of the Milky Way Constanze Jahn Dissertation link - -
ECAP-2013-033 The Neutrino Telescope ANTARES and Constraints for Non-universal Supersymmetric Models from Recent Experimental Results Andreas Spies Dissertation .pdf - 9.8 MB
ECAP-2013-023 Studies on the Selection of Neutrino-like Signals for the Acoustic Detection Test Device AMADEUS Max Neff Dissertation link -
ECAP-2013-014 Simultaneous Modelling of the Morphological and Spectral Features of the Pulsar Wind Nebula HESS J1825-137 in TeV Gamma rays Julia Brucker Dissertation Link -
ECAP-2013-003 Untersuchungen zur gitterbasierten Phasenkontrast-Roentgenbildgebung in polychromatischen Strahlungsfeldern Thomas Weber Dissertation -
ECAP-2012-060 Observations of Active Galactic Nuclei from Radio to Gamma-rays Moritz Böck Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2012-042 A Detailed Study of the Supernova Remnant RCW 86 in TeV gamma-rays Sebastian Heinz Dissertation Link -
ECAP-2012-032 Gamma-Ray Astronomy Data Analysis Framework based on the Quantification of Background Morphologies using Minkowski Tensors Daniel Goering Dissertation Link - -
ECAP-2012-027 Time-resolved and position-resolved X-ray spectrometry with a pixelated detector Peter Sievers Dissertation .pdf - 10.6MB
ECAP-2012-013 X-ray Telescopes in the Digital Lab: Instrument Performance Simulations Christian Schmid Dissertation pdf - 17 MB
ECAP-2012-012 The Hough transform as event filter for the ANTARES neutrino telescope - a simulation study Horst Laschinsky Dissertation pdf - 11 MB
ECAP-2012-006 Evaluierung und Entwicklung von Roentgendetektoren fuer die Dosimetrie Michael Boehnel Dissertation -
ECAP-2012-004 Untersuchung von CdTe als Sensormaterial fuer die spektroskopische Roentgenbildgebung Ewald Guni Dissertation pdf - 2MB
ECAP-2011-032 Galactic Windmills: Spectroscopical and Timing studies of three X-ray binaries Felix Fuerst Dissertation pdf - 3.7MB
ECAP-2011-024 Dark Matter Search with ANTARES Holger Motz Dissertation pdf - 15 MB
ECAP-2011-021 Identification of TeV Gamma-ray sources through multi-wavelength studies Peter Eger Dissertation Link - -
ECAP-2011-020 Sekundaerelektronennachweis mit pixelierten hybriden Halbleiterdetektoren Ulrike Gebert Dissertation pdf - 6.4 MB
ECAP-2011-019 A Detailed Study of the Pulsar Wind Nebula HESS J0835-455, Vela X, in TeV Gamma-Rays Bernhard Glueck Dissertation Pdf -
ECAP-2011-013 Probing the Environment of Accreting Compact Objects Manfred Hanke Dissertation - 16MB
ECAP-2011-005 Studies on atmospheric neutrino oscillations with the ANTARES neutrino telescopes Friederike Schoeck Dissertation - 3 MB
ECAP-2010-046 Acoustic particle detection - Direction and source location reconstruction techniques Carsten Richardt Dissertation - 3 MB
ECAP-2010-043 A Detailed Study of the Pulsar Wind Nebula MSH 15-52 in X-rays and TeV Gamma-rays Fabian M. Schoeck Dissertation - 13 MB
ECAP-2010-038 Systematic studies, calibration, and software development for event reconstruction and data analysis using the ANTARES deep-sea neutrino telescope Felix Fehr Dissertation - 7 MB
ECAP-2010-021 Phasenkontrast-Bildgebung mit photonenzaehlenden Detektoren Peter Bartl Dissertation -
ECAP-2010-012 Simulations and Experimental Studies on Novel Approaches for X-ray Tubes Anja Loehr Dissertation -
ECAP-2010-003 Performance Studies for the KM3NeT Neutrino Telescope Claudio Kopper Dissertation - 6 MB
ECAP-2010-002 Simulation of Medical Irradiation and X-Ray Detector Signals Bjoern Kreisler Dissertation - 8 MB
ECAP-2009-013 Konzept und Eigenschaften eines Hybriden Photonendetektors auf Basis des Timepix-Detektors Tilman Ruegheimer Dissertation - 2 MB
ECAP-2009-010 Material Reconstruction in X-ray Imaging Markus Firsching Dissertation - 3 MB
ECAP-2008-002 Modellierung und Simulation physikalischer Eigenschaften photonenzaehlender Roentgenpixeldetektoren fuer die Bildgebung Juergen Durst Dissertation - 17 MB
ECAP-2008-001 Experimental Studies within ANTARES towards Acoustic Detection of Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos in the Deep-Sea Kay Graf Dissertation - 4 MB

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