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Acoustics Antares Astronomy Hadron CTA HESS EXO/nEXO Ice Cube Medical Physics Theory All projects

Type of thesis:
Dissertation Diploma Thesis Master Thesis Bachelor Thesis All types

Number Title
ECAP-2017-010 Applications of Dual Energy Phase Contrast X-Ray Imaging Theresa Palm Master Thesis -
ECAP-2017-007 A muon veto for the measurement of the downgoing neutrino flux with KM3NeT/ORCA Marco Volkert Master Thesis pdf - 18MB
ECAP-2017-006 Untersuchungen zur Nutzung des Moiré-Effektes für die gitterbasierte Phasenkontrast-Röntgenbildgebung Michael Gallersdörfer Master Thesis -
ECAP-2017-005 Spectroscopic Analysis of the He3 Anomaly in B-Type Stars David Schneider Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2017-004 Transient source detection and performance studies of eROSITA Tobias Hain Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2017-003 Analysis of neutron induced background in CANDLES Michael Moser Master Thesis -
ECAP-2017-001 Characterizing a Wavelength Shifter Coated Silicon Photomultiplier at Cryogenic Temperatures using Scintillation Light in Gaseous Xenon Patrick Hufschmidt Master Thesis -
ECAP-2016-040 Spectral energy distribution of hot subdwarfs Johannes Schaffenroth Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2016-039 Lamppost Source Height Measurements In unobscured Active Galactic Nuclei Marko Fink Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2016-035 Spectral decomposition of hot subdwarf binaries Simon Kreuzer Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2016-026 Characterisation of Silicon Photomultipliers with Xenon Scintillation Light for the nEXO Experiment Tobias Ziegler Master Thesis -
ECAP-2016-025 Measurement of aspherical mirrors with PMD Andreas Specovius Master Thesis pdf - 10MB
ECAP-2016-024 Optimisation of image reconstruction for Talbot-Lau x-ray phase-contrast imaging with regard to mechanical robustness Maria Seifert Master Thesis pdf - 16MB
ECAP-2016-023 Simulation of Alpha Particle Scintillation Light in Liquid and Gaseous Xenon with Investigations of Surface Reflections Reimund Bayerlein Master Thesis -
ECAP-2016-009 Untersuchung verschiedener Szintillator / SiPM-Konfigurationen im Hinblick auf ihren Einsatz beim PANDA-Detektor Merlin Böhm Master Thesis -
ECAP-2016-008 Untersuchungen zu einer iterativen CT-Rekonstruktion in der gitterbasierten Röntgenbildgebung Andreas Wolf Master Thesis pdf - 7.1MB
ECAP-2016-007 Design und Charakterisierung eines Talbot-Interferometers mit Mikrofokus-Röntgenröhre Max Schuster Master Thesis -
ECAP-2015-050 Investigations towards a Single-CCD Pointing-Solution for the Medium-Sized Telescopes of the Cherenkov Telescope Array Domenico Tiziani Master Thesis pdf - 7.1 MB
ECAP-2015-044 Multi-Epoch Millimeter VLBI Observations of the Twin-Jet System in NGC 1052 Anne-Kathrin Baczko Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2015-041 Bayesian γ-ray Light Curve Analysis of TANAMI Sources Christoph Bürkel Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2015-040 Simulationen und Messungen des Dunkelfeldsignals von Microbubbles zur Anwendung als Kontrastmittel in der interferometrischen Röntgenbildgebung Sebastian Lachner Master Thesis -
ECAP-2015-036 Cross Calibration of the H.E.S.S. Telescopes David Jankowsky Master Thesis -
ECAP-2015-035 Konstruktion und Charakterisierung eines Hochenergie-Aufbaus der Interferometrischen Röntgenbildgebung Christian Hauke Master Thesis -
ECAP-2015-031 Search for a Neutrino Signal from the Fermi Bubbles with the ANTARES Telescope Steffen Hallmann Master Thesis pdf - 11.0 MB
ECAP-2015-018 Search for neutrinos from flaring blazars - A time dependent point source analysis Michael Kreter Master Thesis pdf - 9MB
ECAP-2015-015 Development of an algorithm for the distinction between muon and electron neutrino events for the P2O plausibility study Thomas Kittler Master Thesis pdf - 7MB
ECAP-2015-014 Signifikanzerhöhung und Analyse von Röntgen-Dunkelfeldsignalen in mammographischen Aufnahmen mittels Methoden der statistischen Bildanalyse Veronika Ludwig Master Thesis -
ECAP-2015-008 Phasenrekonstruktion ohne Kenntnis der Abtastpositionen des Talbot-Lau-Gitterinterferometers Andreas Finkler Master Thesis -
ECAP-2015-005 Experimentelle Verifikation eines iterativen Algorithmus zur nicht invasiven kVp-Rekonstruktion mittels des hybriden, pixelierten Halbleiterdetektors Dosepix Jonas Hahn Master Thesis -
ECAP-2014-066 PTF and EHT - Research on hot Subdwarf B stars Markus Schindewolf Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2014-056 Simulation on Electron Optics and Basic Examinations for the Development of a Solid Xenon Particle Detector Michael Wagenpfeil Master Thesis pdf - 222.7MB
ECAP-2014-055 Simulation of a setup for phase measuring deflectometry Stefan Pickel Master Thesis Pdf - 3.2 MB
ECAP-2014-038 Untersuchungen zur Positionskalibrierung mit einem neuartigen piezoelektrischen Instrument für KM3NeT Bernhard Scherl Master Thesis .pdf - 5.7 MB
ECAP-2014-033 Systematische Untersuchung von Spektrums-Fits in der Gammaastronomie Andreas Horlbeck Master Thesis Pdf - 3.1 MB
ECAP-2014-031 Systematische Analyse zum Pointing-Verhalten des Cherenkov Telescope Arrays Stefan Eschbach Master Thesis Pdf - 5.4 MB
ECAP-2014-031 Simulation of diffusive particle propagation and related gamma-ray emission from proton-proton interactions at the Galactic Center Alexander Ziegler Master Thesis Pdf - 3.5 MB
ECAP-2014-016 Qualitative und Quantitative Roentgen-Phasenkontrastbildgebung mit dem Medipix3RX-Detektor Manuel Kraus Master Thesis -
ECAP-2014-002 Unevenly Spaced Time Series Analysis: GRS 1758-258 Maria Hirsch Master Thesis pdf - 12.2 MB
ECAP-2013-065 A data analysis pipeline for the 26m Hartebeesthoek radio telescope Thorsten Brand Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2013-054 Light Bending around Neutron Stars Sebastian Falkner Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2013-053 Multiwavelength Observations of TANAMI Sources Felicia Krauss Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2013-052 Of Radio-Loud and Radio-Quiet AGN — Single Dish Radio Polarimetry and X-ray Variability Study of Polar Scattered Seyfert I Galaxies Tobias Beuchert Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2013-042 Characterization and Analysis of Acoustical Sensor Devices for KM3NeT and ANTARES Robert Karl Master Thesis .pdf - 8.7 MB
ECAP-2013-041 Ambient noise in the Ligurian Sea as background to acoustic particle detection Dominik Kiessling Master Thesis -
ECAP-2013-034 Theoretische Untersuchungen zur Dickenabhaengigkeit des Dunkelfeldsignals in der gitterbasierten Roentgenbildgebung Christoph Hertle Master Thesis -
ECAP-2013-027 Flavor identification in ORCA Thomas Heid Master Thesis pdf - 5.4 MB
ECAP-2013-008 Studie der Pointing-Korrekturen von H.E.S.S. I Johannes Veh Master Thesis Pdf - 13 MB
ECAP-2013-005 Ueber die Erkennbarkeit fein verteilten Mikrokalks in der interferometrischen Mammographie Andrea Zang Master Thesis -
ECAP-2012-063 Characterisation of photomultiplier tube models to be used in the KM3NeT project Jonas Reubelt Master Thesis pdf - 19.4 MB
ECAP-2012-028 Experimente und Simulationen zur Steigerung der Bildqualitaet in der Phasenkontrast-Roentgenbildgebung Georg Pelzer Master Thesis -
ECAP-2012-026 Application of a time-resolving X-ray pixel detector in the detection of coincident fluorescence emissions after double K-shell vacancy production in the electron capture decay of Fe-55 Benedikt Bergmann Master Thesis .pdf - 5.4 MB
ECAP-2012-011 Detaillierte Simulationsstudie zur Modellierung von Supernova-Ueberresten im Gammastrahlungsbereich am Beispiel von RX J1713.7-3946 Susanne Raab Master Thesis -
ECAP-2012-003 Laboratory Astrophysics: Investigating the mystery of low charge states of Si and S in the HMXB Cyg X-1 Natalie Hell Master Thesis pdf - 9.3MB
ECAP-2011-030 Experimental Investigation of Pixelated Semiconductor Detectors with CdTe Sensor Material for the Search for the Neutronoless Double Beta Decay Michael Filipenko Master Thesis pdf - 15.5MB
ECAP-2011-022 Classification of events for the ANTARES neutrino detector Stefan Geisselsoeder Master Thesis - 18 MB
ECAP-2011-011 Timing and spectral evolution of transient X-ray binaries Matthias Kuehnel Master Thesis - 2.2 MB

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