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Dissertation Diploma Thesis Master Thesis Bachelor Thesis All types

Number Title
ECAP-2017-009 Simulations for eROSITA: First impressions on the imaging properties Margarita Behm Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2017-005 Spectroscopic Analysis of the He3 Anomaly in B-Type Stars David Schneider Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2017-004 Transient source detection and performance studies of eROSITA Tobias Hain Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2016-042 Observations of Be X-ray Binaries: Spin Period and Spectral Evolution Matthias Bissinger Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2016-041 Long term behaviour of the solar panels of INTEGRAL Julian Heinz Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2016-040 Spectral energy distribution of hot subdwarfs Johannes Schaffenroth Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2016-039 Lamppost Source Height Measurements In unobscured Active Galactic Nuclei Marko Fink Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2016-038 Modeling Pixel-Level Electrical Crosstalk for the AthenaX-IFU Christian Kirsch Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2016-037 PTF1 J011339.09+225739.1 - Spektroskopische und photometrische Analyse eines neuentdeckten HW Vir-Systems Maximilian Wolz pdf -
ECAP-2016-036 Extreme Environments: From supermassive black holes to supernovae Felicia Krauss Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2016-035 Spectral decomposition of hot subdwarf binaries Simon Kreuzer Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2016-034 Transient-Searches for eROSITA: Performance-Studies Andreas Berberich Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2015-049 Hot subdwarfs - Small stars marking important events in stellar evolution Stephan Geier pdf -
ECAP-2015-048 Quantitative Spektralanalyse von heißen Sternen im Sternhaufen NGC 3293 Jessica Wunder pdf -
ECAP-2015-047 Swift and NuSTAR observations of XTE J1859+083 Jakob Stierhof Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2015-046 Astronomy in the late 19th century Katharina Bick Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2015-045 Analysis of low-mass and high-mass systems after the common-envelope phase Veronika Schaffenroth Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2015-044 Multi-Epoch Millimeter VLBI Observations of the Twin-Jet System in NGC 1052 Anne-Kathrin Baczko Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2015-043 Lichtkurvenmodellierung des Mikrolinseneffekts in Doppelsternen mit kompakten Begleitern Marc Schuster Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2015-042 Spektroskopische Suche nach Begleitern unterleuchtkräftiger heißer Sterne. Die sdO-Sterne BD+28°4211 und WD 1148-230 Leandra Fröhling Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2015-041 Bayesian γ-ray Light Curve Analysis of TANAMI Sources Christoph Bürkel Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2014-066 PTF and EHT - Research on hot Subdwarf B stars Markus Schindewolf Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2014-065 Relativistic Reflection around Black Holes: Theory and Observation Thomas Dauser Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2014-064 New Developments and Techniques in Radio to X-ray Observataions of AGN Christoph Grossberger Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2014-063 Light curve cross correlations of gamma- and radio data of PKS 0537-441 Andrea Gokus Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2014-062 Hypervelocity Candidates of G and K type: Classification of the Palladino et al. sample revised Marco Volkert Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2014-061 GX339-4: Spectral investigation of a black hole binary Nico Wunderling Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2014-060 Heisse unterleuchtkräftige Sterne: Klassifikation und Verifikation Jan Friedmann Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2014-059 X-ray analysis of Centaurus A Christina Gräfe Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2014-058 Eine Radialgeschwindigkeitsstudie des Röntgen-Doppelsterns BD +37° 442 David Schneider Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2014-057 Die Kinematik der stellaren 8pc-Sonnenumgebung und ihre Implikationen Sebastian Eichie Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2014-039 High-Resolution Observatons of Active Galactic Nuclei in the Southern Hemisphere Cornelia Müller Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2014-019 Origin of runaway OB stars Andreas Irrgang Dissertation html -
ECAP-2014-002 Unevenly Spaced Time Series Analysis: GRS 1758-258 Maria Hirsch Master Thesis pdf - 12.2 MB
ECAP-2013-065 A data analysis pipeline for the 26m Hartebeesthoek radio telescope Thorsten Brand Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2013-064 Investigations of the long term variability of black hole binaries Victoria Grinberg Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2013-063 Observations of the X-ray Pulsars XTE J1946+274, 4U 0115+634, and GX 304-1 Sebastian Müller Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2013-062 Impact of Extragalactic Sources on Galactic Stellar Trajectories Marco Fink Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2013-061 Scientific near real-time analysis software for eROSITA Peter Friedrich Diploma Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2013-060 A search for HVS candidates via simulation of trajectories Simon Kreuzer Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2013-059 K alpha lines of the lower charge states of Argon Andreas Wolf Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2013-058 Reverberation Mapping of Flared Accreion Discs Fabian Brod Diploma Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2013-057 Spectral and Timing analysis of the HMXB GX304-1 with Suzaku Ralf Ballhausen Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2013-056 A new HW Vir binary from the MUCHFUSS project; A quantitative analysis of optical spectra and lightcurves Ingrid Barbu-Barna Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2013-055 Simulation of Coded Mask Imaging Mirjam Oertel Diploma Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2013-054 Light Bending around Neutron Stars Sebastian Falkner Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2013-053 Multiwavelength Observations of TANAMI Sources Felicia Krauss Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2013-052 Of Radio-Loud and Radio-Quiet AGN — Single Dish Radio Polarimetry and X-ray Variability Study of Polar Scattered Seyfert I Galaxies Tobias Beuchert Master Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2012-062 Kinematische und Spektroskopische Analyse von Runaway-B-Sternen Christian Heuser Diploma Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2012-061 Calibration and imaging of GMVA observations of NGC1052 Anne Baczko Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2012-060 Observations of Active Galactic Nuclei from Radio to Gamma-rays Moritz Böck Dissertation pdf -
ECAP-2012-059 Program for the combinatoric assignment of LS- and jj-coupling term symbols Alexander Laska Bachelor Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2012-058 Radiative transport in strongly magnetized accretion columns Maximilian Kriebel Diploma Thesis pdf -
ECAP-2012-057 Massearme Begleiter von Subdwarf B-Sternen: spektroskopische und photometrische Untersuchung von vier Doppelsternen Katrin Nagel pdf -
ECAP-2012-016 A survey of hot stars in the CoRoT anticentre fields: Classification and analysis of light curves and spectra Raoul Gerber Diploma Thesis pdf - 9 MB
ECAP-2012-015 Binaere sdB-Sterne mit substellaren Begleitern Patrick Bruenner Diploma Thesis pdf - 8 MB
ECAP-2012-014 Monte Carlo simulations of X-ray absorption in the interstellar medium Wiebke Eikmann Diploma Thesis pdf - 4 MB
ECAP-2012-013 X-ray Telescopes in the Digital Lab: Instrument Performance Simulations Christian Schmid Dissertation pdf - 17 MB
ECAP-2012-003 Laboratory Astrophysics: Investigating the mystery of low charge states of Si and S in the HMXB Cyg X-1 Natalie Hell Master Thesis pdf - 9.3MB
ECAP-2011-037 Hypervelocity Sterne Eva Ziegerer Diploma Thesis pdf - 4 MB
ECAP-2011-036 Observations of Compact Objects Eugenia Litzinger Diploma Thesis pdf - 17 MB
ECAP-2011-032 Galactic Windmills: Spectroscopical and Timing studies of three X-ray binaries Felix Fuerst Dissertation pdf - 3.7MB
ECAP-2011-018 RXTE Observations of GRS1758: Long-Term Variability of a Black Hole Maria Obst Bachelor Thesis Pdf -
ECAP-2011-017 Simulation of AGNs for eROSITA Thorsten Brand Bachelor Thesis Pdf -
ECAP-2011-013 Probing the Environment of Accreting Compact Objects Manfred Hanke Dissertation - 16MB
ECAP-2011-012 Detector Performance of eROSITA Michael Wille Diploma Thesis - 16 MB
ECAP-2011-011 Timing and spectral evolution of transient X-ray binaries Matthias Kuehnel Master Thesis - 2.2 MB
ECAP-2010-037 Theoretical Modeling of Broad Emission Lines Thomas Dauser Diploma Thesis - 3 MB
ECAP-2010-036 High resolution VLBI observations of Centaurus A Cornelia Mueller Diploma Thesis - 11 MB
ECAP-2010-026 The Evolution of the South Atlantic Anomaly Measured by RHESSI Natalie Hell Bachelor Thesis - Link
ECAP-2010-025 Akkretierende Neutronensterne - Zeitliche Entwicklung der Pulsperiode von 4U 1907+09 Bastian Falkner Bachelor Thesis - 4 MB
ECAP-2010-024 Swift observations of TANAMI sources Martina Mueller Bachelor Thesis - 4 MB
ECAP-2010-023 Broadband Variability of the Black Hole Candidate Cygnus X-1 Victoria Grinberg Diploma Thesis - Link
ECAP-2010-020 Cyclotron resonant scattering features in the line forming region of highly magnetized neutron stars Fritz-Walter Schwarm Diploma Thesis - 5 MB
ECAP-2010-019 Swift Observations of TANAMI Counterparts Felicia Krauss Bachelor Thesis - 3 MB
ECAP-2010-015 Radio Observations of PKS 2155-304 with the 100-m Effelsberg radio telescope Tobias Beuchert Bachelor Thesis - 2.6 MB
ECAP-2010-008 A Thorough Look at the Photoionized Wind and Absorption Dips in the Cygnus X-1 / HDE 226868 X-ray Binary System Manfred Hanke et al. - Link
ECAP-2010-007 The column density towards LMC X-1 Manfred Hanke et al. - Link
ECAP-2010-006 The Nature of the Hyper-Runaway Candidate HIP60350 Andreas Irrgang et al. - Link
ECAP-2010-005 Spectroscopy of the Runaway B-Star HIP60350 Andreas Irrgang - Link
ECAP-2009-034 The clumpy wind of Vela X-1 Felix Fuerst et al. -
ECAP-2009-033 4U 1909+07: a well-hidden pearl Felix Fuerst et al. -
ECAP-2009-032 Extragalactic Jets from the TANAMI Sample as Seen by Fermi/LAT Moritz Boeck et al. -
ECAP-2009-008 Timing Analysis of the Accreting X-Ray Binary Cygnus X-1 Stefan Pirner Diploma Thesis - 10 MB
ECAP-2008-012 Spectral-Temporal Correlations in the X-ray Emission of Cygnus X-1 Moritz Boeck Diploma Thesis - 20 MB
ECAP-2008-007 Zyklotronlininen - ein RXTE-Sample Christian Graemer - 4 MB
ECAP-2008-006 X-ray spectra of the accreting neutron star 4U 1907+09 Stefanie Roth Zulassungsarbeit - 3 MB
ECAP-2008-005 Investigations of the SAA and the long-time behavior of Vela X-1 Felix Fuerst Diploma Thesis - 4 MB
ECAP-2008-004 Simulation of the imaging and detection properties of the eROSITA experiment on Spectrum-X-Gamma Christian Schmid Diploma Thesis - 3 MB

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